Sales Leadership Mastery Training – The Sales Winners’ Edge!




Ultimately sales is all about persuasion. Sooner or later closing a sale have to be executed face-to-face with the customer. Good training and strategy development sets the seller up for success but even the bestselling skills poorly executed will be ineffective. Good sales executives plan their sales action and do everything right.

Great sales executives have that something extra that sets them apart.

“I call it The Winner’s Edge.”

They know how to build client relationships that deliver more business more often.

This Sales Leadership Mastery Training (SLMT) equips sales executives with the key interpersonal skills to quickly understand customer needs, read behaviour styles and build rapport with ease and confidence.

At the heart of this SLMT is the paradigm that all things being equal people do business with people they like and that all things being not so equal people still do business with people they like.

Success and motivation comes from a sense of accomplishment and knowing that you as the great salesman, “You Can Do IT!”

How Will You Benefit

  • Increased confidence and skills to win more new, repeat and referral business
  • Increased ability to build long term trust-based relationships with clients, referral partners and centres of influence
  • Become more proactive rather than reactive in developing business potential
  • Developed the skills to be able to articulate Company’s value and differentiate from competitors
  • Built a personal (and/or team) sales, communication and advice process and a new culture everyone will be proud of!
  • Confidently close more sales and never have to feel negative about asking clients to buy
  • Proactively identify potential blockages to a sale before they are raised by a client and never have to defend your value by reactively dealing with price or other objections
  • Create a comfortable urgency in clients to take action without ever needing to apply pressure in any way
  • Follow an ethical sales process to be proud of and never have to try uncomfortable or gimmicky sales or closing techniques that challenge your personal/company values and integrity
  • Help potential buyers avoid procrastination and move them away from the world of ‘I need to think about it’
  • Create a positive point of difference that potential clients easily understand and value, and never have to worry about your competitors again
  • Recognize the incremental ‘wins’ that help build momentum for clients to want to buy from you
  • Comfortably and confidently start conversations with potential clients without ever having to fluff around with small talk
  • Remove all the ‘sales target pressure’ from yourself by focusing on the proven contact initiation activities that will result in sales target achievement
  • Develop the skill and confidence to react to the unexpected and never be caught for words or what to say when it’s really important to say something

Who Should Attend

This course is specially designed to Sales Personnel, Sales Executive, and all people who wish to be Super Sales Achiever.


  • Real live hands-on with learning by role-play, rehearsals & total participation
  • Participants will learn from each other garnering & gathering of their selling strengths & weaknesses
  • Results proven games & activities to reinforce / apply learning skills
  • Selected video learning to Enhance/ Escalate / Empower learning behaviours



Fee: RM 699 per pax

Loyalty Points: 699 Points

Duration: 1 Day

Note: In-house course is available. Request it HERE