How to generate Borang E and EA and perform e-Data Praisi submission to LHDN?

How to generate Borang E and EA and perform e-Data Praisi submission to LHDN? – by using HR Payroll Software

So now, as a HR and Payroll Administrator, how do you generate the Borang E and EA (and e-Data Praisi submission to LHDN) easily? In this article, we will show how you can generate them easily. We will use HR Payroll System for explanation and illustration purpose. And yes, MyFreelys Academy is an avid fan and user of HR Payroll & Software to manage our employees’ leave application and payroll.

First and foremost, login to 

  1. You can then import the 2016 data with the following steps below:
    • The system gets your 2016 data from 2 parts, and aggregate them into EA forms and E form
      1. Go to Payroll -> Import (As Illustrated Below)
      2. Select the monthly Payroll you conducted in in year 2016
  2. If you just started to use Payroll in 2017, then the data is solely coming from Payroll->Import

3. In Payroll ->Import, click the numbers and edit. Click enter after you typed in the number.

4. Save it

NEXT on EA Form,

  1. Go to Payroll -> EA Forms (As Illustrated Below)

2. Please double check the number and details before sending them out to your employees (As Illustrated Below). You will need to send to all your employees by 28th February 2017.

NEXT on Submitting the FORM E

  1. Please take note of these datelines as below:
    • E-Data Praisi by 22nd Feb 2017
    • E-Filing for Form E by 30th April 2017
  2. We will show you how easy it is to create the output of the file from Please follow the sequence of the illustrations below:


STEP 10: DONE (on e-Data Praisi)

Lastly, please follow the 3 steps illustrations as below on e-Filing for Borang E:

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