Business Communication – Spoken & Writing Skills In English – 1 Day




Upon completion of this programme, the participants will be able to:

  • Speak clearly and confidently in face-to-face conversations, and on the telephone
  • Ask questions to get key information and say “NO” politely but firmly
  • Listen actively to really understand the speaker’s needs, and have different ways to ask for an issue to be repeated, to eliminate mis-understanding
  • Articulate the selling points of services and products
  • Write polite, correct, clear and simple emails with a focus on the call to action

Who Should Attend

This course is suitable for those who want to improve their verbal and written business communication. It caters to all levels in your organization.


This interactive program will maximize the understanding and learning through lectures, pronunciation practice (includes sing-along sessions to help the participants hear correctly pronounced words by their favourite singers and tongue twisters), role plays, correcting grammar mistakes (sharpens the participants’ understanding of English grammar rule) and discussions.


Module 1 – Greeting people

  • Introduce yourself, others in your group and your company
    • The correct sequence of introductions – senior positions, age, gender etc
  • Job responsibilities
  • Asking For and Giving Permission
    • Polite forms in asking for, and giving Permission
    • Use of Affirmatives and Negatives, in Responding to Requests for Permission
  • Making and Accepting Apologies
    • Expressions of Apology
    • Use correct Social Expressions in Making, Accepting and Rejecting Apologies
    • 4 conditions of a sincere apology
  • Role plays

Module 2 – Mind Your Grammar 1

  • Basic structure of a sentence
  • Subject verb agreement
  • Countable and uncountable nouns
  • 10 rules of spelling the Plural form of Nouns
  • Correct common grammar mistakes

Module 3 – Ask for information

  • What are Open and closed ended questions?
  • When do you use open and closed ended questions?
  • Professional ways to ask for an issue to be repeated, if you did not understand what was said
  • Ask and answer information questions
  • Vocals – intonation
  • How to stress the syllable of a word so that the listener knows whether you mean a noun or a verb
  • Practice pronunciation skills

Module 4 – Mind Your Grammar 2

  • Verbs
    • Irregular
    • Modal (express obligation, ability and possibility)
  • Introduction to English tenses
  • Simple present, simple past, present continuous tense
  • Correct common grammar mistakes

Module 5 – Telephony skills

  • Common phrases and responses on the telephone
  • How your listeners visualize you when they hear your voice
  • Making and modifying appointments
  • Taking & leaving messages
  • How to listen actively

Module 6 – Mind Your Grammar 3

  • Prepositions
  • Conjunctions
  • Adverbs and adjectives
  • How to use “a”, “an” and “the” as these do not exist in the Malay and Chinese languages
  • Nouns and pronouns
  • Correct common grammar mistakes

Fee: RM 850 per pax

Loyalty Points: 850 Points

Duration: 1 Day

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Jonathan Chan Seng Lum

Jonathan Chan Seng Lum is a competent trainer and mentor who deals with matters of leadership and management. His corporate experience as a director and company CEO of a global consulting firm improves his perspective and skills in handling top management expectations. With a combination of superb presentation skills and excellent Conversational English, he was able to implement and handle workshops and seminars about organizational effectiveness and personal effectiveness. His years in sales and marketing made him an authority when it comes to subjects related to the Sales and Marketing Function. Jonathan also has excellent communication skills, including creative and business writing. His courses are customized to facilitate better understanding among his participants, so you can expect him to take discussions to another level.