High Impact Presentation Skills




Anyone can give a presentation but not everyone can give a High Impact Presentation! Many of us do not like to speak in front of people yet there are times when we are asked to get up and say a few words about someone or a topic when we have not planned on saying anything at all.

This 3-day interactive workshop will help participants overcome nervousness, fear, and stage fright, get rid of the butterflies, stop the shaky hands, and eliminate the sweaty palms. This workshop will help participants feel as comfortable presenting to a group as you are talking to a friend in the office including how to organize your ideas—from introduction to closing, ways to maximize the latest technologies to develop professional-caliber presentations as well as how to incorporate gestures that reinforce your message.

How Will You Benefit

Participants will learn:

  • Speak with more confidence
  • To understand and win over an audience
  • To prepare speeches and presentations tailored to a specific audience
  • To develop a dynamic and interesting delivery style
  • The biggest mistakes a public speaker makes
  • The most important aspects of public speaking
  • How to adapt a speech to a given time frame or environment
  • How to use humor and anecdotes to your advantage
  • How to persuade
  • How to be memorable
  • How to deal with hostile questions

Who Should Attend

  • This course is suitable for contractors, consultants, technical personnel, engineers, sales professionals, medical detailers, trainers, product presenters, heads of departments, marketing specialists, executives, managers, secretaries and all those involve in the distribution and sharing of company information.
  • Level for Heads of Department and above.


This stimulating program will maximize understanding and learning through facilitation, group discussions, interactive activities, presentation / practical and video recording of participants: 5 minutes Presentation.


    • Giving a Presentation or Speech
      • Find Out What You Need To Know
        • Organizing your Presentation
    • Developing your Presentation
      • Selecting the right material
      • Starting and Ending your Speech
    • Delivering your Presentation
      • Overcoming Stage Fright
      • Talking with your Body
      • Handling Audience
    • Preparing for Speech Situations
      • Speaking on the spot
    • Getting Ready To Present
      • Making Important Preparations
        • Figuring out what you want to speak
        • Setting specific goals
      • Analyzing your Audiences
        • Discovering demographics
        • Discovering what the audience is thinking
      • Relating to your audiences
        • Putting yourself in the shoes of your audiences
    • Organizing Your Presentation
      • Selecting materials
      • Creating your outlines
        • Deciding the number of points
      • Timing
        • Setting the length of your speech
    • Building The Content Of Your Presentation
      • Making an impact with quotations
      • Mastering the art of story telling
    • Getting Off on the Right Foot
      • Discovering What the Introductions Must Do
      • Creating the Prefect Introductions
        • Answering audience questions
        • Using greetings and acknowledgements
        • Writing out your Introduction
        • Avoiding common mistake
    • Finishing on a High Note
      • Making Your Conclusion work
      • Creating the Prefect Conclusion
        • Making the last word memorable
      • Wrapping It Up in Style
        • Using quotations
        • Asking a question
        • Telling a Story
    • Editing your Presentation
      • Read your Presentation loud
      • Keeping the language simple
      • Avoiding long sentences
    • Getting the Words Right
      • Honing your Tone and Style
      • Choosing the right word
    • Developing Great visuals
      • Using Charts and Graphs
      • Making use of PowerPoint and LCD projectors
      • Flipping the Flipcharts
        • Creating Great Video
      • Making the Impact with Multimedia
      • Handouts
    • Overcoming Nerves
    • Changing your perception
    • Prevention and Handling Nervousness
      • Writing out your Intro and
      • Conclusion
      • Arriving early
      • Practice makes perfect
    • Understanding Body Language
      • Sending a message with facial
        • Expressions
        • Punctuating your presentation With posture
        • Giving right messages with a gesture
        • Making Eye Contacts
        • Dressing to Impress
        • Getting the right image
        • Dressing for informal meetings
        • Mastering physical
      • Positioning Movements
        • Managing entrances and exits
        • Moving around
        • Getting into Power positions
        • Working from the Podium
    • Handling Questions
      • Answering questions at the end
        • Don’t let a few dominate
        • Listen to the question
      • Using Question – Handling Techniques
        • Reversing the question
        • Redirecting the question
        • Rephrasing the question
    • Handling the Audiences
      • Reading the Audience’s Reactions
        • Checking the energy level
        • Noticing body language
    • Finishing on a High Note
      • Making Your Conclusion work
      • Creating the Prefect Conclusion

Fee: RM 2,100 per pax

Loyalty Points: 2100 Points

Duration: 3 Days

Note: In-house course is available. Request it HERE


Raventhiran Sriraman

As an experienced trainer, Ravi is excellent in developing people and teams, with the intention of empowering people to achieve their potential. He brings with him a wealth of experience, working and training people from all levels of organization and business functions in Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and the Middle East. He is a panel trainer for EPF, OUM-IPD, CEP Taylor’s University, SEDIA and Jabatan Alam Sekitar Labuan and he travels to all parts of Malaysia training on people management, customer service and team building. He is a Certified RPEL Assessor with the Great Britain Consortium of Colleges (GBCC). With his deep passion to train people, he instils a certain flavour of excitement in participants to improve their jobs.