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How Will You Benefit

High employee turnover organizations spend disproportionate amounts of resources on recruiting and replacing their workforce, while smart organizations invest in employee retention. Some companies accept employee turnover as a normal part of doing business. Similarly, there are also some organization that designed their recruitment model around high turnover, it means they make sure that their job are easy to learn so they can rapidly assimilate new people. Nevertheless, many researches has shown it is not a sound strategy, as tenured employees drive far greater value than those who are “cycling through” the business. And most importantly of all, these people are what we call an “appreciating asset.” The longer they stay with us in an organization the more productive we get. When a company does not invest in retaining their employee, some of the critical cost include are the cost due to person leaving, recruitment and training cost, low productivity and sales opportunity cost and many other unforeseen costs.

Employees quit their job for many reasons but mostly are preventable. The majority of reasons why employees quit their job are:

  • Management constantly reorganizes, shuffles people around, and changes direction constantly.
  • Management doesn’t have or take the time to clarify goals and decisions. Therefore, it rejects work after it was completed, damaging the morale and esteem of those who prepared it.
  • Management shows or practices favoritism
  • Management promotes someone who lacks of necessary experience or skills to supervisor, alienating staff and driving away good employees.
  • Management creates a rigid structure and then allows departments to compete against each other while at the same time preaching teamwork and cooperation.

Should we look carefully into the reasons why employees quit their job, in fact not just the HR Department, but the management team plays an important role in retaining and motivating their subordinates. To sum up, the impact of a leadership abilities or skills display the management team are critical in retaining the employees and reduce the turnover rate.

There are many definition that defines “leadership”. In a nutshell, leadership means the ability to innovate and create a vision for all to see, understand and believe in. The Leader leads by example and creates the urgency and motivation needed to achieve high levels of team success. When we defined leadership, it is clear that leaders and their teams are interrelated.

In essence, by instilling the right leadership quality in each employee, not only that it will help to boost the overall productivity and the morale of the company; but most importantly it will helps to curb the turn over rate for the company. Nonetheless, we believe that every employee possess an in-born leadership ability in them. Only with the right approach and teaching method, we will be able to help one to unleash the quality in them. To achieve so, this program is designed with the combination both the Mindset Changing Session (MCS) and a customized leadership program to support the effort by providing a platform for all related/designated working colleagues to achieve the performance breakthrough in helping them to realize the importance and benefits, in shifting the change of their mindset. This program allows the participants to promote discussion, expand knowledge, establishing the specific goals that are align with the company’s objectives in a relax, informal small group discussion.

In this program, the participants will discuss their purpose, their strategies and the values that are important not only at the department level but at the company level. At the end of the program the participants will be able to create the sense of awareness, understand and develop the critical skills in the leadership ability.

How Will You Benefit

Upon completion of this programme, the participants will be able to :

  • Upon completion of this programme, the participants will discover and learn the skills as following:
    • LEADERSHIP Value /Skill :

    With our comprehensive range of activities, our session is designed and aim to help different individual to transform the “LEADER” in them by instilling the quality such as decision making skill, creativity, critical thinking, employment knowledge and other relevant skills.


    Employability skill is also one of the skills that help a person to stay in a job and work their way to the top. Thus, one of the key highlight of this program is to provide the necessary understanding and awareness in helping the participants to understand the company goals, embrace them and grow within them, making them the leaders that need to be in the organization.

    • AGILITY Skill :

    While knowledge and experience remain critical, it is becoming increasingly important to develop leaders with the ability to deal with ambiguity and change, to lead and foster innovation and creativity, and to make and implement decisions quickly. Organizations require leaders who can adapt, think on their feet and lead with confidence through the shifting business landscape. Developing these unique abilities requires a different approach. Our objective is to ensure that we develop more agile leaders in the corporate world.


    There are many ways in setting apart an outstanding leader and and an ordinary employee. We aimed to develop the STAR leaders in every participants we trained. Therefore our roles will be the skills development gurus that provide the understanding and knowledge in various soft skills topics, such as communication, problem handling skills, creative thinking skills, and other important soft skills. Subsequently, developing the charismatic leader in them.

Who Should Attend

This program is suitable for management team.


This unconventional seminar is structured to be lively and interesting as we learn best in moments of enjoyment. It flows with participants’ needs and wants. Course methods will include video clips, demonstrations, role-plays, games and theory.



Fee: RM 850 per pax

Loyalty Points: 850 Points

Duration: 1 Day

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Angelin Boo May Yin

Angelin is a woman of substance with ten years of experience in banking, retail sales, F & B and the automotive industry. She is a seasoned brand expert specialising in the fields of customer service, communication, direct marketing, PR, eMarketing and building brands and establishing a reputable image on a corporate and personal level. Angelin is a Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) trainer by the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming (ABNLP) and a Certified Trainer of Time Line Therapy™ (TLT). She incorporates NLP techniques in training and coaching corporations and individuals. Her outstanding achievements include being featured in the Sin Chew Daily, Harian Metro & News Straits Times and Inspire FM.