The Values Edge System Discovering & Aligning Personal And Team Values





Exploring personal values is more than inner discovery and understanding what makes people tick. In a world that’s in a constant state of flux, values are what remain steadfast and true. They’re the driving force behind personal action and a beacon of focus in turbulent times. Successful organisations recognise the business case for value clarity, and they know that connecting personal values to organisational strategy is the vital link to employee engagement, commitment, a healthy culture – and a competitive advantage.

This workshop and the Values Edge System was developed using over twenty years of experiential research encompassing work with a broad range of individuals, including organisational leaders. This system has been used by boards, leadership councils, work teams, community service groups and as a career development tool.

This one day workshop provides participants with a powerful training tool that clarifies personal values, enhances relationships, strengthens team performance, renews organisational culture, and inspires innovation. It makes making sense of values simple by putting them on the table, literally.

This Values Edge System is an excellent catalyst for gaining personal insight, coaching individuals, sparking employee engagement, improving teamwork, and aligning culture.


Upon completion of this programme, the participants will be able to :

  • Establish a common organisational language
  • Inspire innovation and performance
  • Improve the results of one-on-one coaching
  • Build a career development plan
  • Transform organisational culture
  • Uncover cultural and strategic differences

Who Should Attend

This program is suitable for all employees.

Level: Generic. Delivery language adjusted to suit experience level of participants.


Personal and team discovery sessions simply and effectively bring values to the surface. Participants create a hierarchy of their individual value system using pyramid tents, stickers, and cards that represent both intrinsic and instrumental values. These exercises are powerful because, in addition to “seeing” what drives their own actions, individuals get a clear picture of how their values compare to their peers, teams – and even the organisation as a whole.



Fee: RM 1100 per pax

Loyalty Points: 1100 Points

Duration: 1 Day

Note: In-house course is available. Request it HERE


Bill Lewis

Bill is a qualified trainer, coach, NLP and EQ practitioner as well as a Laughter Yoga Teacher, Lego Serious Play Facilitator and a specialist in interactive Rhythm Based Training. Bill’s 35 years experience in conducting training programmes in the UK, Central Europe, the Middle and Far East have encompassed coaching and training for front line operatives through to senior board members. His focus has been on developmental programmes on cultural change, people-facing effectiveness, quality initiatives and complimentary ‘soft’ skill sets and regularly delivers programmes on leadership, problem solving, creative thinking, emotional intelligence, conflict management customer focus, stress management selling and negotiation skills. Bill is well recognised in Asia for his impactful learning multiday corporate team building event.