Writing Clear and Effective Emails



As an Executive in an organization, skilled written communication is a trait you require to support your managers in dealing with the many letters and emails received from clients and business associates.

In this 2-day workshop, we will show you how to organize your words and thoughts on paper, structure your messages logically, present your documents attractively and improve on the style, language and tone in your written communication in English. Using these techniques you will learn a set of skills to develop your own style of writing that will be useful for you in your career advancement.


Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Improve their skills in writing clear and concise letters and emails.
    Apply the main rules of good business writing.
  • Structure their writing logically using the 4 steps to any type of letter and email.
  • Use plain English to ensure that their messages are read, understood and get results.
  • Compose effective letters and emails.
  • Develop their individual styles in writing effective letters and emails.


This program is suitable for Managers, Executives, PAs, Administrators and any professionals who want to write better business correspondence

  • Level for Executives and above


A mixture using presentation, games, individual exercises and group work. Participants are encouraged to bring in some documents they have sent or received for discussion to analyze for improvement in format, style or language.


    • Unpicking What You Already Know About How Communication Works
    • Choosing What’s Best That Makes Your Communication Works
    • The Psychology Of Writing
    • The WAYS Principle
    • Anticipating And Addressing Objections
    • Adding Sincerity With Personal And Sincere Beginnings And Endings
    • Bring Your Writing To Life – Making It Visually Appealing
      (Note: Sample Letters And Templates Will Be Shared With Participants And Exercises Will Be Given For Participants To Practice.)
    • Beware Of Clichés And Be Careful With Jargons
    • Use Short Words That Helps Understanding And Gets Results
    • Use Short Sentences
    • Use Short Paragraphs
    • Use Connecting Words And Phrases
    • Use Active Rather Than Passive Voice
    • Use Simple Punctuations
    • Use Vertical Lists
    • Write With Charm
      (Note: Exercises on Sentence Structure and Business Terms Will Be Given To Help Participants Improve Their Language Skills.)
    • Common Problems With Electronic Writing
    • How To Create Electronic Rapport In Your Writing
    • What Is Business Email Etiquette?
  • END

Fee: RM 900 per pax

Loyalty Points: 900 Points

Duration: 1 Day 

Note: In-house course is available. Request it HERE


Trainer Profile: Nancy Ong Chen Gan

Nancy Ong has more than 35 years of hands-on experience in the field of credit and financial management and has trained more than 500 individuals and organizations. She is highly in demand for her training in trade financing, credit management and business communication skills due to her unique style of blending her experience in banking and management skills in her training. Nancy’s banking acumen bridges the gap of the industry understanding of trade financial instruments and its associated financial risk. Her programmes show companies how to minimize financial and operational risks as well as how to increase organizational effectiveness when using specific financial instruments. In the field of English business writing and communication, Nancy uses simple and proven techniques of communication strategies that achieve results in any work environment.