Coaching for Peak Performance Using NLP



Coaching is increasingly becoming one of the most sought after and important skills for anyone in a work environment. It is a skill that no manager can live without. The days of direct commands from managers to their employees are long gone. Tightly managed and process-led approaches tend to create workforces that lack motivation, initiative and drive – and are often very stressed.

The importance of inspiring and guiding employees to realise their abilities and discover their power and responsibilities can no longer be ignored. This is why successful organisations are now deeply interested in formal and informal coaching carried out continuously in the workplace. Forward-thinking organisations realise that supporting and developing people is as important as getting the job done. In fact, the job can’t be done well unless people develop and grow their skills and effectiveness.

Coaching is not limited to managers and team leaders. Coaching skills are essential in helping and inspiring your colleagues, friends and family. This programme focuses on the proven techniques of Neuro-linguistic Programming that work well in the corporate context to facilitate performance improvements. It covers important topics such as structuring effective communications, successful questioning methods and active listening techniques, the SCORE and Logical Levels models, human behaviour, motivational conversations, giving feedback or praise and many other relevant topics.

This programme will introduce you to the mentality of successful coaches, the effective methods of working through the mind of a resistive or defensive employee, the ability to control your emotions and to use others in inspiring and directing them towards achieving their goals.

The best way to learn is by examples and hands-on experience. Therefore this programme is packed with effective practical and interactive exercises which would help you to quickly grasp different aspects of a well-delivered coaching session.


  • Upon completion of this programme, the participants will be able to :
    • Differentiate between coaching and other kinds of instructional methods
    • Be familiar with the sequence of coaching – what should you talk about first
    • Integrate coaching with HR performance appraisals – assess and provide valuable guidance
    • Improve ability to ask the right questions to get better responses
    • Deliver effective feedback praise for positive impact
    • Increase success by setting goals systematically
    • Communicate effectively to gain commitment without using power, position or status
    • Build instant rapport to get positive results
    • Effectively and strategically use convincing body gestures and linguistics
    • Listen with empathy to build relationship

Who Should Attend

This program is suitable for Managers, Supervisors and Team leaders

Level for Executives and above


This highly interactive workshop is delivered with a combination of training techniques to ensure that the participants are always engaged and challenged to stimulate results. Participants can expect Dynamic presentations, Video reviews, Individual and dyad work, Group brainstorming, Practices, Activities to foster better understanding, Inspirational messages that moves and motivates and behaviour and pattern interventions and On-The-Spot coaching



Fee: RM 1500 per pax

Loyalty Points: 1500 Points

Duration: 2 Days

Note: In-house course is available. Request it HERE


Suresh Kumar Rajaratnam

Stephanie Lai Siew Chee

Stephanie Lai Siew Chee is a certified success coach and a trained MasterClass trainer. Starting with the banking industry, she was able to sharpen a lot of her skills that led her to become a passionate motivator of corporate people. These skills include communication, personal effectiveness, leadership, organizational dynamics and corporate responsibility. Being exposed in retail marketing, she was also able to lecture on Sales and Marketing function with ease. Some of Stephanie’s experience and achievements helped her in becoming an in- demand speaker on various subjects including customer service function, human resource and legal function, safety and health legal function and maintenance among others. She is able to provide inspiring workshops and programs for a total of 15 years, which is a feat she is proud of.

Darren Suresh is a Senior Training Consultant focusing on Team Effectiveness and Team Discovery programmes conducted via adult learning and experiential methods. His working experience spans over 18 years of which 7 years were focused on training, developing training modules and delivering training for various modules. Apart from developing modules and conducting training, he also does manpower planning, resource management, packing and debriefing. He has been a lead trainer, training consultant, training manager, trainer & QA specialist with various training providers throughout his career span. His area of expertise is team building, customer experience, communications, creative problem solving, personal development and many more. He has trained many participants from various levels from youths to senior management.