Critical HR Skills In The New Millenium




“It’s people not buildings…that make a company successful. When you reflect for a moment on Robbins’ statement, it is important to note that achieving organizational goals cannot be done without human resources. What is Microsoft without its employees? It’s people – not buildings the equipment or brand names – that really make a company. This point is one that many of us take for granted. It is only when you get bad customer service do you recognize the important role that employees play in making organizations work. But how did these people come to be employees in the organization? How do they came to be selected, how does management know if the employees are performing adequately? And if they are not, what can be done about it?

How Will You Benefit

Upon completion of this programme, the participants will be able to :

  • Strategic HRM and its linkage to business needs
  • Latest recruitment and selection techniques
  • The compensation administration process and current best practices
  • Employee and organizational development methods
  • Provisions in the Employment Act, OSHA, IRA
  • How to create a more effective Performance Management system
  • Introduction to various HR tools applicable for current scenario and business needs
  • Able to motivate staff with the correct application of HR skills, knowledge and methodology

Who Should Attend

This program is suitable for New HR professionals, HR specialists who have limited generalist experience and professionals who want to learn more about the human resource functions. Also non-HR business professionals desiring a fast track introduction to the business human resources function.


Using a workshop approach, this activity based program in interwoven with basic knowledge and theories via PowerPoint presentation, lectures and discussions, group exercises, role-plays and hands on experiences. For evaluation of learning, short quizzes and review activities will be incorporated. As an added value, samples or templates of suggested tools used in HRM processes will be given.



Fee: RM 1,000 per pax

Loyalty Points: 1000 Points

Duration: 2 Days

Note: In-house course is available. Request it HERE


Namsuvayam A/L A.Murugian

Rais Rajan is a HRDF-certified corporate trainer and management consultant. He specializes in the fields of Strategic Direction, Performance Management, Balanced Scorecard, Management, Leadership and various soft skill trainings. He regularly conducts complementary tea talks for various companies and has written articles for the Malaysian Institute of Management E-newsletter. Rais has more than 22 years of experience serving 3 international organizations in the consulting, telco and banking industries. To date, he has delivered more than 400 training programmes (ranging from Strategic Direction workshops to Clerical Skills). He has lectured and offered trainings to over 200 leading institutions and multinational organizations.