Critical Thinking Process: Critical & Creative Thought Systems



In today’s business world, many people experience information overload. We are bombarded with messages to believe various ideas, best practices in planning, the best approach to manage the account, best strategic position marketing and so on. How do you know what to believe? How do you separate the truth from the myths?

The answer lies in critical thinking skills. The ability to clearly reason through problems and to present arguments in a logical, compelling way has become a key skill for survival in today’s business. This intensive one-day program will give you two practical tools and hands-on experience with critical thinking and problem solving.

How Will You Benefit

Upon completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Identify your critical thinking style(s), including areas of strength and improvement
  • Work through the critical thinking process to build or analyze arguments
  • Develop and evaluate explanations

Who Should Attend

This program is a must buy-in for all levels of employees


This program applies the Whole-Brain Thinking Model and Reasoning techniques to avoid falling into illogical traps, Critical Skill-set assessment, as well as Practice Exercises



  • Let’s Look At What Critical Thinking Is
  • Characteristics Of Critical Thinkers
  • Common Critical Thinking Styles: The Investigator, The Pilot, The Pioneer, The Learner, The Soldier


  • Barriers To Good Decision Making
    Explore How To Get Around Them


  • The Critical Thinking Model
  • Standards Of Critical Thinking
  • Identifying The Issues
  • Identifying The Arguments
  • Clarifying The Issues And Arguments
  • Establishing Context
  • Checking The Credibility And Consistency
  • Evaluating Arguments
  • Case Study

RM 850 per pax

Loyalty Points: 850 Points

Duration: 1 Day

Note: In-house course is available. Request it HERE


Julia Lai Abdullah

Julia is an experienced development & training specialist for over 22 years – with years of experience and exposure in industries such as adult education, hospitality, retailing, manufacturing, banking & finance, insurance and customer service. She influences and spearheads learning in every class participant. Her excellent communication skill, easy-going and motivational style has helped, energized and motivated participants to learn and apply. Julia’s sessions capture the importance – and the art – of believing in self and our abilities to surpass our potential. Her trainings cover People Management, Personal Effectiveness, Grooming and Etiquette, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Customer Relationship Management and the English Language, among others