How to close deals over the phone within 24 hours




This training is for anyone that sells a service or product over the phone especially with the current challenging economy. After the training, the delegates will:

  1. Master the art of capturing any prospect’s interest within the first 30 seconds
  2. Understand how you can fill up your calendar with appointments
  3. Know how to handle common objection more effectively and gracefully
  4. How to use different types of closing for different situation
  5. Be able to close deals much quickly and rapidly increase your income

This is an intensive training which will require participants to be prepared to do the work needed to see immediate improvement in their overall sales


To equip delegates with the necessary skills to attract and engage with prospect using the CST (Credible Selling Technique) method hence closing the deals quicker

Who Should Attend

All Sales Personnel – Sales Managers, Sales Executives, Telemarketers, and those who are required to perform sales function for the company


Lecture, individual/group exercises and demonstration


  1.  Understanding Your Product
    • Preparation on what to sell to your prospects.
  2.  Features, Advantages, Benefits
    • Knowing the difference and which to sell makes a big difference in your sales calls.
  3.  How to not sound like a sales person using CST (Credible Selling Technique)
    • How any bank staff (greeters,customer service etc) can sell and not sound like a salesperson
  4.  8 Steps to your winning Sales Pitch (How to capture your prospect within the first 30 seconds)
    • Steps to implement into your sales pitch/sales calls now in order to get immediate results.
  5.  Effective Listening Skills
    • What it means to master listenings skills?
  6.  Probing & Questioning
    • Uncovering the customer’s need through correct questions.
  7.  Objection Handling
    • Types of Objection you are currently facing and how to handle it with tact and professionalism.
  8.  Buying Signals
    • Identifying buying signals (which you probably have ignored).

Fee: RM 850 per pax

Loyalty Points: 850 Points

Duration: 1 Day

Note: In-house course is available. Request it HERE




Biodata: Founder & Principal Consultant for Orange Summit under Orange Box Asia Sdn Bhd. Lesley has approximately 22 years diverse experience in event planning, event creation, sales, marketing, team management, counselling, stress management and team motivation. Has a track record of increasing training and event sales by 80% within the first 3 months, 150% within 8 months and 200% in 1 year. She is also currently engaged as a consultant for Bernama, a Malaysian national news agency to assist their training division which includes School of Journalism, soft skills training, conferences and exhibition. She has held positions such as Exhibition Project Manager & Conference Head for Protemp Group, General Manager for Knowledge Group of Companies, General Manager for EMP Asia Sdn Bhd and Regional Vice President for Events at BCM Institute Singapore.





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