Microsoft Outlook 2013 Foundation



At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Open, Reply, Forward and Delete emails
  • Create new emails
  • Perform spelling check in an email message
  • Create new Contacts
  • Change the Contact View
  • Create Contact Group


Basic knowledge of Windows is essential with the following pre-requisites:

  • Able to maneuver with the mouse – Point, Click, Drag and Double Click
  • Able to configure the desktop
  • Able to use the Control Panel
  • Able to move and re-size Application Windows
  • Able to switch between task applications

Who Should Attend

Clerks, Officers, Supervisors, Administrators, Executives, Managers and all personnel involved in Outlook.


This program will be conducted with interactive lectures, PowerPoint presentation, discussions and practical exercise


    • Lesson 1.1: Getting Started
      • What is Microsoft Office Outlook 2010?
      • What’s New in Microsoft Office Outlook 2010?
      • Starting Outlook
      • The Outlook Interface
      • About the Notification Icon
      • Closing Outlook
    • Lesson 1.2: Receiving E-Mail
      • Types of E-Mail Accounts
      • Setting up an E-Mail Account
      • Modifying E-Mail Account Settings
      • Sending and Receiving E-Mail
    • Lesson 1.3: Working with E-Mail Messages
      • About Outlook Folders
      • Opening Messages
      • Editing Messages
      • Deleting Messages
    • Lesson 1.4: Printing E-Mail Messages
      • Print Commands
      • Choosing Print Options
      • Choosing a Print Preview View
      • Navigating Through Print Preview
    • Lesson 2.1: Getting Acquainted
      • Using the File Menu (Backstage View)
      • Using the Status Bar
      • Using the Mini Toolbar
      • Using Dialog Boxes
      • Using Right-Click Menus
      • Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Lesson 2.2: The Quick Access Toolbar
      • Using the Quick Access Toolbar
      • Adding and Removing Buttons
      • Moving the Quick Access Toolbar
      • Customizing the Toolbar
    • Lesson 3.1: The Home Tab
      • New Commands
      • Delete Commands
      • Respond Commands
      • Quick Steps Commands
      • Move Commands
      • Tags Commands
      • Find Commands
    • Lesson 4.1: Composing E-Mail
      • Creating a New Message
      • Adding Recipients
      • Typing a Subject Line
      • Creating Your Message
    • Lesson 4.2: Answering Mail
      • Replying to Messages
      • Forwarding Messages
      • Opening and Saving Attachments
      • Using the Attachment Previewer
    • Lesson 4.3: Doing More with E-Mail
      • Adding Attachments
      • Creating Hyperlinks
      • Attaching Outlook Items
      • Using Themes
    • Lesson 4.4: Using the Drafts Folder
      • Opening the Drafts Folder
      • Saving a Message as a Draft
      • Opening and Editing a Draft
      • Sending a Draft
      • Deleting a Draft
    • Lesson 5.1: The Calendar
      • Opening the Calendar
      • Understanding the Home Tab
      • Understanding the Calendar Tools Tab
      • Creating and Editing Appointments
      • Using the Daily Task List
      • Using the Calendar Navigation Pane
      • Customizing Calendar Views
    • Lesson 5.2: The Contacts Folder
      • Opening the Contacts Folder
      • Understanding the Home Tab
      • Creating a New Contact
      • Editing Contacts
      • Using the Contacts Navigation Pane
      • Customizing Contacts Views

Fee: RM 800 per pax

Loyalty Points: 850 Points

Duration: 1 Day

Note: In-house course is available. Request it HERE


Amelia Dillon

Having experienced many years in acquiring skills and knowledge in the related fields, the trainer is among a few of extraordinary trainers in the local training arena. The one thing that makes her a prominent trainer is her knowledge and exposure gathered over many years in IT industry. She is well known to have the ability to enlighten participants by not only leading them towards the subject matter but also by allowing them to relate to the subject matter and at the same time make the process of learning a lot more easier. Over the years, she has developed many training modules and had extended her service to various companies. Some of these modules include the PPSMI manual that was used by the Ministry of Education to train teachers nation-wide on how to use the PPSMI equipment.