Is Malaysia Day a Compulsory Holiday?

Is Malaysia Day a Compulsory Holiday?

malaysia-day-compulsory-public-holidayMalaysia Day is just around the corner – 16th Sept’16 (Friday) to be exact. Well, we as employees are not complaining coz we get to enjoy our well ‘deserved’ breaks from our day to day work. However, the challenge is always on the Employer and HR side especially when Malaysia Day is just 16 days apart from Malaysia’s Merdeka or Independence Day. So the million Ringgit question is, is Malaysia Day a compulsory holiday?

Pursuant to S.60D(1) of the Employment Act 1955, Malaysia Day is one of the four compulsory holidays. Supposed an employee is required by the employer to work on Malaysia Day, he/she is entitled to be paid two (2) days’ wages at his/her ordinary rate of pay.

Now get this, this holiday is not allowed be substituted which directly translates that an employee cannot be asked to work on Malaysia Day and be given another day in substitution.

So, we hope that this article helps you to answer the earlier million Ringgit question whether our Malaysia Day is a compulsory holiday.

Happy Malaysia Day !!!