PwC employees allowed to leave work at 12:30pm on FlexFridays

PwC employees allowed to leave work at 12:30pm on FlexFridays

PwC enhances their workplace flexibility policies to attract and retain talent

  • Employees granted early release every second Friday of the month following the re-launch of PwC’s flexible work arrangement policies
  • PwC’s newly launched flex+ programme on workplace flexibility includes FlexTime and extended paternity leave
  • Other initiatives include subsidies for fitness and lifestyle expenses, options to work less than five days a week, and career break

Tuesday, 15 November 2016 – PwC employees are now allowed to leave work at 12:30pm every second Friday of the month under a new initiative called FlexFridays.

pwc-biggerFlexFridays is one of three new initiatives announced earlier this month under the firm’s flex+ programme for workplace flexibility. The other initiatives are FlexTime, where employees have the option to choose their working hours from a range of start and end times, and Extended Paternity Leave of 5 days for fathers of newborns.

flex+, a re-launch of PwC’s flexible work arrangement policies incorporates various forms of work flexibility and benefits in consideration of people’s lives outside work. The programme is divided into three components – flex@work, life@work and parents@work.

“One of our firm’s priorities over the next four years is to provide an attractive place to work for a talented and agile workforce,” says PwC Malaysia People Partner, Pauline Ho.

“Millennials are not alone in wanting more flexibility. The results from our Global People Survey reveal that flexibility and greater work-life balance is valued by employees across generations. This is consistent with studies like the PwC Next Generation Diversity Survey, which touch on workplace flexibility as a compelling need that can either engage or disengage employees if their needs are not addressed.

“Through FlexFridays and FlexTime, we hope to provide more options for our people to enhance their work-life balance and wellbeing. These benefits build on the various initiatives that we have rolled out in recent years. This includes the option of working fewer days a week, applying for a career break and the opportunity to claim subsidies for lifestyle activities such as gym subscriptions, travelling and massages,” she continued.

In December this year, the firm will also enjoy its first Rest & Refresh –where employees will enjoy a firm-wide block leave of 10 days.

In his message to employees recently, PwC Malaysia Managing Partner, Sridharan Nair, recognised that workplace flexibility makes a difference to all employees. He highlighted that the new initiatives are part of PwC’s ongoing efforts to provide its employees with the flexibility they need, without compromising efficiency, effectiveness and high quality work.

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