Effective Sales Negotiation




Buyers are becoming better at negotiating with their suppliers. It is extremely crucial for a sales professional to develop their skills in negotiation as it would avoid the losses associated with discounting and failure to close profitable deals. Investment in sales negotiation skills development would therefore become absolutely imperative for effective and successful sales executive.
This workshop is focused on setting in crucial principles for the development of robust sales negotiation sales and helping the sales professional to apply the relevant techniques

How Will You Benefit

Upon completion of this programme, the participants will be able to :

  • Identify 6 different stages of Sales Negotiation Process
  • Develop a minimum of 2 different Sales Negotiation Strategies
  • Apply 3 different Sales Negotiation Techniques

Who Should Attend

  • Sales Negotiators, Sales Executive, Sales Manager, Pre-Sales Consultant
  • Level for Sales Executives and above


This program will be presented via Multimedia Presentation, Hands on Demo, Personal Reflection, Role Playing, Q&A Session and Negotiation Activities



Fee: RM 1,000 per pax

Loyalty Points: 1000 Points

Duration: 2 Days

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Suresh Kumar Rajaratnam

Biodata: Darren Suresh is a Senior Training Consultant focusing on Team Effectiveness and Team Discovery programmes conducted via adult learning and experiential methods. His working experience spans over 18 years of which 7 years were focused on training, developing training modules and delivering training for various modules. Apart from developing modules and conducting training, he also does manpower planning, resource management, packing and debriefing. He has been a lead trainer, training consultant, training manager, trainer & QA specialist with various training providers throughout his career span. His area of expertise is team building, customer experience, communications, creative problem solving, personal development and many more. He has trained many participants from various levels from youths to senior management.

Philip Leong Kah Wai

Biodata: Philip Leong Kah Wai is a consistent trainer, competent coach and an active community advocate. His experience as an entrepreneur and a corporate worker for 25 years improved his skills and knowledge with regards to a lot of subject matters, including the Customer Service function, Team Performance, Mindset Change and Managerial & Supervisory skills. Philip has training, development and coaching programs under his belt, which tackles both Personal Effectiveness and Organizational Effectiveness. His qualifications include a Master of Management joint degree and membership in the International Coach Federation. His numerous leadership training and team building programs have improved thousands of corporations and individuals, making him a top performer in his line of work. His experience, expertise and exposure surely channel his energies to improve his knowledge and skills, and share them with the world.

Casey Tee Keng Chai

Biodata: Training in multi-lingual (English, BM and Mandarin), Casey Tee is an extremely sought after training specialist both locally and internationally. He is reputed for the subject of Sun Tzu’s Art of War in selling, sales and sales management training, customer service, attitudinal training, and motivation programs. Casey, a NLP Master Trainer also conducts consultancy work to help his clients to increase their productivity, sharpening their strategies for that competitive edge. The impact of his lively, entertaining, and creative training concepts have inspired his participants to attain excellence and peak performance in their organizations. He travels the ASEAN and Australasia regions for training engagements, developing and training participants in his many seminars and workshops to enhance their performance effectiveness. Casey is a popular columnist of the widely circulated Sales Digest magazine in Malaysia a monthly magazine which is read by more than 10,000 sales professionals.

Gerald Kong Wai Kheong

Biodata: With the advancement of Social Media in today’s communication, Gerald believes that mastering the skills to lead and network can provide a wealth of unending resources and possibilities. With these strong convictions and experience, Gerald runs very successful, impactful and effective programs and workshops sharing his knowledge in leadership, and marketing with different organizations. As part of the process, Gerald equips his participants with leadership and sales skills especially in the areas of strategic planning and sales techniques. He is the business trainer of the largest networking group in the world that specializes in referral marketing which passed more than USD6.5 billion worth of business in 2013. He has been appointed by the Ministry of Human Resource Malaysia to train and certify other corporate trainers.

Stanley Cham Chai Soon

Biodata: Stanley Cham Chai Soon is a passionate consultative trainer, wellness coach and value- based motivator who tackles a lot of subject matters during his workshop sessions and training programs. He holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration and is an esteemed member in respectable institution, such as the Registered Financial Planner, International Management Centers Association and the University of Action Learning. Stanley’s experience in the accounting field enhanced his skills and understanding on various subject matters, like Team Synergy, Corporate Responsibility, Sales Motivation, Leadership and Attitudinal Change. After holding management positions in the past, he has adequate background on Managerial and Supervisory and shares it through high- touched training skills. His unique proposition in Organizational Effectiveness makes him an in- demand speaker among many corporate organizations.

Ridhwan Wong Bin Abdullah @ Randolph Wong

Biodata: Ridhwan Wong (Randolph) has held many key positions in was voted “Best All-Round Performer” in Risk Management and Risk Analysis from the School of Political Science, Harvard University, US. Randolph has 30 years of experience in industries such as banking, business development in the recruitment agency. He has been a Consultant / Adviser to a UK-based training consultancy. Among his programs are Competency Based Behavioural Interviewing – The Best Way To Interview; Purchasing & Negotiation Skills; Effective Writing; Understanding & Developing KPIs; Change Management; Succession Planning; Strategize, How To Open & Close Sales Successfully; Developing & Understanding KPIs; Key Competencies For Supervisors; Competency-Based Behavioural Interview; Customer Relations Management; Supervisory Skills; Becoming An Effective Leader; Time Management and many more.

Mohamed Azar Bin Mohamed Sharif

Biodata: Mohamed Azar is a PSMB-certified trainer whose forte lies in personal development and sales and marketing. He has conducted various training programs in the areas of leadership, management, supervisory, motivation, sales management, entrepreneurship, teambuilding, time management, effective communication, creative thinking, marketing, administrative, public speaking and KPI. For his teambuilding training programs, he emphasizes attitude change and enhancement of team spirit towards a common goals. He is a strong advocate that adult training sessions should be fun and enjoyable while emphasizing competency based experiential learning with cognitive approaches. Once participants “experience” the benefit of such an approach, they will embrace improvement and this unleashes their hidden potential. He also incorporates NLP strategies in his training programs to enhance training effectiveness.





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