Emergency Response Preparedness




No workplace is immune to potential emergencies. Every workplace should have a plan for dealing with these situations. Failing to react appropriately in an emergency situation can result in severe injury or loss of life and serious damage to property or the environment. A clearly defined and systematic approach of the control of emergency situations can limit their impact and may prevent an emergency from turning into a disaster.

How Will You Benefit

This course highlights the need for emergency preparedness in the workplace. The course will provide participants with the information needed to set up an emergency preparedness program in their own workplace. It also explains the requirements of the OSHA, as well as other relevant laws, regulations, standards and guidelines.

Who Should Attend

All employees responsible for workplace fire-fighting and appointed workplace fire fighters, or persons that want to gain more knowledge in basic fire prevention.


This stimulating program will maximize understanding and learning through lectures, video shows, practical & mock drill.


    • What is Safety?
    • Hazards & Risk
    • Accident
    • Malaysian OSH Legislations (OSHA, 1994)
    • Worldwide Industrial Disaster Cases
    • What is Emergency?
    • Emergency Events
    • Levels of Emergency
    • Sources of Industrial Disaster
    • Probability & Level of Loss
    • Outcome of Industrial Disaster
    • What is Emergency Management?
    • Objectives of Emergency Management
    • Stages in Emergency Management
    • Level of Emergency Management
    • The Emergency Plan:
      • ¬†Planning
      • Chain of Command
      • Communication
      • Accounting for Personnel
      • Emergency Response Team
      • Response Activities
      • Training
      • Personnel Protection
      • Medical Assistance
      • Security
    • The roles of Outside Agencies
    • Recovery & Restoration
    • History of ICS
    • ICS Management Structure
    • Command Centre
    • Roles & Responsibilities of ERT Members:
      • Information Officer
      • Liaison Officer
      • Safety Officer
      • Legal Officer
      • Operation Section
      • Planning Section
      • Logistic Section
      • Finance
      • Evacuation Leader
      • Fire Floor Marshall
      • Fire Fighting Team
      • Search & Rescue Team
      • First Aid Team
      • Plant Shutdown Operator
      • Security Controller
    • Mock Drill with Scenario
    • A fire drill is a method of practicing the evacuation of a building from a fire or other emergency. The emergency alarm is activated and the building is evacuated as though a real fire has occurred. Time for all ERT activities is taken & measured to ensure that it occurs within a reasonable length of time.

Fee: RM 850 per pax

Loyalty Points: 850 Points

Duration: 1 Day

Note: In-house course is available. Request it HERE


Azman Bin Abdul Rahman

Azman has been involved in the field of occupational safety and health since 1992 and has attended numerous conferences, seminars and training programs held throughout the country and organized by professional bodies. Since then, he has acquired extensive experience in managing workplace safety and health; armed with only a vision to contribute to the advancement of occupational safety and health in Malaysia. He has actively conducted numerous in-house and public courses in occupational safety and health topics such as OSH Management; Safety & Health Committee; HIRARC; Emergency Response Preparedness (ERP); Chemicals Handling; Wastes Management; First Aid & CPR; Hearing Conservation, Ergonomics & Back Safety.