Malaysia’s Companies Act 2016 In A Nutshell

Malaysia’s Companies Act 2016 In A Nutshell

Effective from 31 January 2017, the new Companies Act 2016 comes into operation except Section 241 and Division 8 of Part III.
For entrepreneurs and business owners, this new CA2016 aims to ease the doing of business in Malaysia.

However, with the flexibility provided by CA2016, the directors are now expected to have higher degree of accountability, responsibilities and expectations.

Just sharing some notes on the changes made in CA2016 below. These are not the only changes in CA2016 ya.

Please note that these notes have been prepared in the context of a private limited company (Sdn. Bhd.)

We hope the notes will provide some assistance to business owners and HR out there

Note: This article is copied from En. Muhammad Zukhairi’s Facebook Post who is a Senior Associate at Zaid Ibrahim & Co (